Rat Rod Truck: A Truck Makes A Great Rat Rod

Published: 29th September 2008
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I have found that a rat rod is actually better than an expensive custom hot rod. I can actually drive my rat rod without the constant worry of scratches and keeping the paint and finish perfect. Rat rods don't only have to be cars. Some of my favorites are rat rod trucks.

In case you didn't know, rat rods are hot rods built from old cars or trucks. They usually have some sort of small block V8 engine, very simple suspension, and very little paint. Most are rusty in places and have just primer on the steel. The exhaust is usually custom made, and quite loud.

These types of hot rods have become kind of a counter culture against the main stream hot rods of recent years. They are very fun and you will be noticed by everyone if you drive down the road in one.

Rat rod trucks are my favorites because they have a very classic style. I just love the way an old truck looks, it brings me back to the days when I used to ride in the back of my father's pickup.

Some of the best trucks to build rat rod trucks around are 1930-40 Ford model A trucks and also 1930-50 Plymouth and Chevrolet trucks. If you want to get really exotic, I have seen international trucks done up as rat rods before.

If you are mechanically inclined at all it is quite fun to build a rat rod truck. There are no complicated electronics, and most of the parts are rather cheap. You first need to find a good body to work with which can sometimes be a challenge, because of these trucks being so old.

If you would like to buy or build a rat rod truck, then you need to visit my site RatRodWorld.net. We have complete cars and trucks for sale as well as many hard to find parts.

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